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Company Profile

"Veroce chemical S.R.L" is a firm born out of the passion of dedicated and committed individuals who have been in the service of the Leather Industry since 15 years.
Company aim: keep improving make perfection mere perfect refine on; Continuous innovation.
Company have good business for many country and area. more Company product for finishing; less for tanning.
The main product are as follows;
(1) Series of water borne acrylic emulsion polymers
(2) Series of an aqueous polyurethane dispersion
(3) Series of  hand feeling agent
(4) Series of wax emulsion (natural wax and synthetic wax), We have many type wax product
(5) Series of  Cross-Linking agent
(6) Mixture Series of cationic wax and cationic oil
(7) Series of  Proteins Series of anionic or cationic
(8) Series of  Fillers series
What is product properties above see directions.

Company Name: Veroce chemical S.R.L
Company Add: VIA Marco DĄŻAgrate 34/E M.Lano Italia
Tel: +39 3385 670887
Fax: +39 3385 670959
Web: http//www.veroce-chemical.com
E-mail: info@veroce-chemical.com

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